Locly - Making nearby work

...in places

whether it's a photo, video, survey or coupon, Locly lets you pin relevant bite-sized content to an active iBeacon. Learn how.

...in spaces

use Locly with multiple iBeacon devices to transform any space into an interactive personalised experience. See how it's done.

...to entice

Locly gives you the unique power to deliver real-time messages targeted specifically to those who are within reach.

...to engage

create immersive and exciting content that encourages interaction via polls, treasure hunts, quizzes and games. Create your own treasure hunt.

...for sharing

Locly lets you show & share things instantly with other app users nearby... no accounts, no codes... it just works! See how it works.

...for learning

bring your subject alive with real-world context by placing beacons in classrooms or turning teachers' devices into beacons. Find out more.

it's free to start using Locly with the Locly App and your device as a beacon

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Locly uses iBeacon